Twice the Lights gets twice the clout
April 3, 2013 — 16:19

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Twice the Light hosts WSU Business Mentor Program

Vancouver Wash. is bursting with underreported news about new ways our business community is connecting. One such story is that of Walnut Grove manufacturer Twice the Light. Co-owners Lisa Littleton and her brother Rob showed MAP program manager Mistie Josephson and me how MAP saved $250,000 a year in manufacturing  costs for their energy-saving commercial lighting solutions.

Rob and Lisa showed us how their LED lights reduce energy use by 80% and how their innovative designs in commercial lighting have made bright LED lighting affordable for commercial purposes. They give concrete examples of ways MAP mentoring transformed, and maybe even saved, Twice the Light.

The University of Washington in Seattle has a similar program that has been running successfully for 20 years, but other than that one, WSU Vancouver is the only school in Washington with such a program. MAP has already benefitted over 40 businesses in three years, and has just added two more mentor-based classes to the curriculum. More than 160 graduating business majors have participated in the program so far, but reportage to date has been limited to the Vancouver Business Journal and WSU Vancouver publications.

My short minute piece cannot hope to encompass every detail about this intriguing boost for small business owners, but demonstrates how it helped this one business. Its goal is to leave potential mentors and advisors lining up to participate, and other small business owners lining up to host student teams.