Participatory culture at the Spruce Mill
April 21, 2013 — 17:16

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About participatory culture



Engaging visitors in a 1918 conversation

This page is meant to outline some possible ways that visitors to the Spruce Mill site could be engaged. This is just a rough idea that future students might use as a jumping off place.

Some of the buttons here could offer gateways to other activities, like The Lucky Loggers game. The screen here only needs to have one Mail Postcard button, for example, because postcard choices could be on a deeper screen. There are three main ways people could engage displayed here, and each of the ways listed could be developed and amplified.

1.       Photos featuring the visitor

Visitors could either post their photos or have them mailed (for a fee). After electing male or female role, the button would take the visitor to a screen with clothing choices.

They would choose their outfit.

The app would have them fill out the address information and mobile phone contact information (twitter handle, email address, phone number for text, etc.)

Next, the app would take them back to their camera and tell them to snap the picture.

Their clothing choice and their photo would be sent to us like any photo attached to a text or tweet. Then, we would have a handy dandy face recognition device that would use the face as a backdrop and do an overlay of the dress or uniform. We would have the contact address from their form.

We would either send the photo back to their phone or we would print it out and mail it in a super cool Fort Vancouver customized mailing packet (for a fee).

2.       Postcards with visitor’s messages written on the back

To get a postcard mailed, they would just have to select a postcard front, then hit next.

Next they would fill out the mailing address information and click next.

Then they would write their message in a jQuery box and hit send.

They would get a message congratulating them and inviting them to come and sign the card at the front office (where they would pay their fee). While in the office they would be able to see the super awesome custom stylized mailer.

3.       Choose a song

There are a lot of old songs out there, if you want to pay for them, they are available for one dollar on the internet. Once a person hits the Choose a song button, it will take them to the next screen, where there are more choices, or they can opt to hear the whole playlist.

4.       Sound

This is easy. You just hit the button and get up to 20 seconds of the airplane, train or sawmill noise, just like a ring-tone.