Dreaming the dream at Horse Expo
February 17, 2013 — 12:55

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The Washington Horse Expo offered equestrian events in three arenas on February 15 through 17, here at Vancouver’s  Clark County Fair  Grounds. My granddaughter and fledgling Tweeter joined me for the event. Read on for where it led.

Dreaming the dream at Washington Horse Expo

Storified by Deborah T McIntosh· Sun, Feb 17 2013 12:36:22

First the dream @Cor_Features @WestWahorseexpo http://pic.twitter.com/dN1zT8qzDeborah T McIntosh
@Cor_Features we’re here but where are the horses? http://pic.twitter.com/S0g89QwzDeborah T McIntosh
RT @Cor_Features: This looks fun http://pic.twitter.com/4VoiEIOF walking the floor at #WestWahorseexpoDeborah T McIntosh
@DTMcIntosh @Cor_Features Oops, where are they? #WestWahorseexpo http://pic.twitter.com/pQDKpOcmDeborah T McIntosh
Jordan dreams of joining Teens & Oregon Mustangs, is the horse dreaming with her? At #WestWahorseexpo @Cor_Features http://pic.twitter.com/eRFgvicbDeborah T McIntosh