At Fort Vancouver’s Spruce Mill
March 4, 2013 — 13:39

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In 1918, tents and trains, a hundred years later, just dogs and airplanes


atthemill from Deborah McIntosh on Vimeo.


This clip was assembled in Photoshop CS6, but I’m working on getting a full-featured video editor. If I find the time, I will redo this clip and maybe be able to add a lot more stuff to make it look better.

Despite how it may appear, I’m not super infatuated with my star player, the golden retriever, I was mainly trying to capture his emotion.

Also, I thought the part with the walking dogs was probably too long (besides being poor quality) but I was attempting to capture an action that had a beginning, middle and end.


I also had an issue about portrait versus landscape and techniques for being able to use both in the same clip. I did get a nice clip with hawks whistling and circling, but the hawks ended up looking like fruit flies in the clip.

Exporting the video was slow and required the reading of tutorials, and I had to upload the file to a server before being able to embed the clip in my blog. I chose Vimeo because I don’t think my expertise is such yet that I would want to post on YouTube…maybe later! The rest of you probably know of other video services.

But now, my other course-work calls.