November 23, 2012 — 15:26

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I value hearing from you. As Douglas Rushkoff said,

Interactive technology allows for conversations to take place in a media landscape that formerly promoted only one-way broadcast. For those of us living in a world already disconnected by mass marketing and media, these little pings can be very real, and very compelling. A mediaspace that used to make us feel utterly alone now connects us to anyone, anywhere.

Because I am a student of social media, you should be aware that I may refer to and/or quote some of the comments you leave on my blog. Please know that I will not approve nor post spam. In fact, spammers, why not challenge yourselves to get beyond spamming and start posting some content you can truly be proud of?

As a first step, read Rushkoff’s Program or be Programmed

As a second step, practice his commands in your life.

More about me later.



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