Poster Art of Byev Yordansky
November 24, 2012 — 16:26

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signature of Byev Yordansky

The lithographic Russian posters of Byev Yordansky are from the early Stalin years.

Please click on  Lithographs of Byev Yordansky to view the poster background information.

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The true conditions in Russia during the establishment and rule of the great and terrible USSR, were not well known, even within the country itself, so people have long been drawn to anything that tells more about those times. Only for the past two decades has information, long repressed, become public. New histories are now published with frequency, and now, people can find out many things about Russia and the USSR. On the RESOURCES page of this site, there are links to some of the extensive information now available.

Yet, the posters on these pages are unique. During some of the years that Stalin controlled the USSR, and through at least 1952, the Stalin and USSR posters you can see here were some of those that hung on school hall walls and in other public places.

Some honor some of Russia’s favorite historical heroes.

The posts here are not an exhaustive Russian history, but are a peek into some of the past that molded and influenced the amazing and resilient people who were, willingly or unwilling, part of the USSR. Here you can also glimpse how some of those places of renown look now.

The 1936 lithographs of Byev Yordansky are representational of Russian Propaganda posters of the time.

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